Once there was, and once there was not, interrogates mankind’s unnatural relationship with their natural environment. This work highlights our uncertain relationship with our environment. The things we cover ourselves with both literally and metaphorically to disguise ourselves within the artifice of our ‘natural’ habitat. It animalizes the human into a carnivore of status and possession. In my head oil paint is natural- it has life. I contrast these with hard industrial varnishes and high-gloss paints. These paints are dead. I paint figures that are daunted by the reality of their surroundings. They seek, they worry, they protect. They are all encompassing and are encumbered by their own fears. They are flawed heroes and they exist in all of us, and it is THAT awkward human-ness that is at the essence of this exhibition.

Farewell to unknown gods, 2013
1200mm x 920 mm
Oil paint, varnish, industrial paint, glitter, sequence and Christmas decoration
Flotsam and Jetsam I, 2013
1200mm x 920mm
Mixed Media
Flesh of my Flesh (Poultry Girl), 2013
900mm x 900mm
Oil paint, black oxide, glitter, varnish
The Drifters III, 2014
995mm x 640mm
Oil paint, gold dust on Belgian linen
No man’s land, 2014
530mm x 430mm
Oil paint, neon, pencil crayon on canvas
Adaptation, 2014
1200mm x 900mm
Oil paint, neon on canvas
Bewildered Beast, 2014
1050mm x 795mm
Oil paint, charcoal, gold dust, neon on canvas
In the end we’re all to blame, 2014
1150mm x 1150mm
Oil paint, neon, post-its, glitter on canvas
The One’s with the golden gaze, 2014
1150mm x 1150mm
Oil paint, gold dust on canvas
Companies’ garden, 2015
1150mm x 980mm
Oil paint, neon on canvas
Phantasmagorium, 2014
1150mm x 1550mm
Oil paint, neon on canvas
No one is watching you, 2014
2000mm x 1200mm
Oil paint, neon, gold dust on canvas
Red Tape, 2015
1550mm x 1150mm
Oil paint, neon on canvas