Aug 2020

Natural Order

ARTWORKS MOTIVATION The body of work Natural Order was born out of an initial engagement with the study of holistic physics: chaos theory, thermodynamics, string theory and Mandelbrot’s study of fractal patterns. This felt like a natural continuation from my last exhibition ‘limp’ where I was observing a state of human inertia that lay paradoxically to [...]


ARTWORKS MOTIVATION SMITH presents limp, a solo exhibition by Elize Vossgätter. Through her use of paint and sculptural mass Elize Vossgätter is describing a generation that has been made ‘limp’ by new codes of political correctness and feelings of collective shame. She speaks from her own experience and observes a liberal generation of well-equipped, well-educated, financially [...]

The Conservationist’s Dream

ARTWORKS MOTIVATION This series of work consists of 12 paintings. Hung grid-like on the studio wall- they get worked on simultaneously- all growing at the same time. Despite their individual preoccupations they are indispensible parts of an overarching narrative. This work speaks of our relationship with nature, or rather; our unnatural relationship with the natural [...]

In the end, we’re all to blame

ARTWORKS MOTIVATION 18 February – 18 March 2015 Commune.1 presents ‘In the end, we are all to blame’, new paintings by Elize Vossgatter in a collaborative dynamic with Rudi le Hane and Berlin-based performance artist Hilla Steinert. Following an ongoing interrogation of the notions of the self and its relation to body politics, Vossgatter turns [...]

Once there was and once there was not

ARTWORKS MOTIVATION Once there was, and once there was not, interrogates mankind's unnatural relationship with their natural environment. This work highlights our uncertain relationship with our environment. The things we cover ourselves with both literally and metaphorically to disguise ourselves within the artifice of our ‘natural’ habitat. It animalizes the human into a carnivore of status [...]

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